NoughtOne X AdidasOriginals

Tailored Tech is a collection inspired by the nite jogger sneaker and its heritage. This collection allowed us to participate as a creator at one of the most coveted creator’s event hosted by Adidas Originals, India. We drew inspiration from the sneaker’s hi-vis tech, boost sole texture and silhouette.
The collection features anoraks and utility jackets in waterproof technical fabrics with 3M reflective inserts for added safety and functionality. This collection also embarks our innovative project which includes our tech. Knits and utility module. We created an exclusive boost-sole texture print for our parkas and tee shirts. The collection features some of our exclusive fusion hybrids like the kurta-pajama set with a waterproof anorak and our limited edition NoughtOne neon rings.

"Night offers me a routine through which I am in perfect sync with my creative vision. With no distractions, it offers me a creative slate to channelize all my energy, anxiety, and restlessness for a creative outcome. Every moment at night, including the sleep - is creative. From late-night bike rides to the counter strike-beer sessions with friends, every experience has added up to something meaningful in my life.
Nite jogger inspired me with its reflective tech and heritage to pay homage to this way of life through an exclusive collection called tailored tech. To all my fellow nite creators, I bring my word to you!"
  -  Abhishek Paatni
(Creative Director)