PX01: Legacy (A One Of One)

The NoughtOne X Pulsar collaboration pays homage to the Pulsar legacy spanning over 2 decades that revolutionized sport motorcycling in India. With a lot of category firsts under its belt, the brand created a stir in the market with its new-age design, class-leading tech and a strong commitment to thrill. This collaboration celebrates the common vision and synergy that both these brands share, expressed here in the form of a 1/1 jacket and PX01 experience zone.


Delving into the project, we immersed ourselves in the rich history of the Pulsar, dissecting its evolution through the years. From the sleek lines of its DtSi era, to the bold graphics of the present day, each iteration left an indelible mark on its consumers and bike enthusiasts. It was this essence that we intended to capture in our collaboration.


The jacket draws inspiration from the different models of Pulsar since inception and humbly attempts to create a hybrid Pulsar model using fabric as a medium of expression and integrating our design philosophy that is inspired by the past and future; heritage and technology; hybrid and engineered. It takes design cues from the body panels of different models of Pulsar and its colorways, resulting in a unique inside-out jacket that celebrates 2 decades of path-breaking Pulsarmania. One side of the jacket has a custom NoughtOne checkered flag print in solid colorways of its models with placement prints of its panels derived from a few models in its timeline. This side exemplifies a young, vibrant vibe of the present-day Pulsar bikes with modern tech and class-leading performance. The other side of the jacket depicts the legacy of the Pulsar from its initial launch years and is represented through NoughtOne’s unique pattern construction, encapsulating a biker jacket silhouette that has vibrant colors and a classic design.


“As a designer and an ex-Pulsar owner, I found myself drawing inspiration not only from the visual aesthetics of the Pulsar but also from the emotions it evokes. The freedom of the ride, the thrill of the speed, and the camaraderie among riders - all these elements were woven into the fabric of the jacket, creating more than just a physical product with intangible attributes that invoke a strong sense of brotherhood and passion for riding!” – Abhishek Paatni


The unveiling of our Pulsar-inspired jacket is set to take place at the grand event, Pulsar Mania Master’s Edition – in Mumbai. This event promises to be a celebration of the Pulsar's legacy and its promise of thrill to legions of Pulsarmaniacs; featuring not only the pulse-quickening roar of engines but also the intersection of fashion and speed.